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"The Fintry Queen Launches "S.O.S. Ticket Drive"

June 21, 2016 - Kelowna, B.C. Help "Save Our Ship" says Andy Schwab, owner of the MV Fintry Queen, a 325 passenger ship on Okanagan Lake that last operated in 2008. "Buy a ticket for $10.00 before July 31st" says Schwab, "and the Fintry Queen will be sailing again for 2017."

The goal is to sell 10,000 tickets by July 31st. to demonstrate the popularity of the 70 year old tourist attraction, with the revenue going towards renovating and re-certifying the ship.

"This is my last effort to save this ship", said Schwab. "For the past two years I have been petitioning communities throughout this valley for landing locations, while searching for the investment dollars to build them. We need to clearly demonstrate the public demand and support for this historic ship, to continue those initiatives before City Councils." The Province of BC and the City of Penticton have set a deadline of August 1st to cancel the planned subleases for the pier project in downtown Penticton. The City of Kelowna recently cancelled the ship's lease for moorage in Sutherland Bay. " We sell 10,000 tickets, we can push for extensions and for a permanent home. We'll service at anchor during 2017 if necessary, landing at temporary sites, parks, wineries and resorts. The important thing is to save her and get her running again. Without a home or future, the ship may soon be scrap metal and gone forever."

Fintry Queen - pic 03Originally named the "Lequime", the 150ft ship was one of three car ferries built to carry passengers and vehicles between Kelowna and West Kelowna, before the first floating bridge was completed in 1958. In 1965 she was purchased by Arthur Bailey, who re-christened her "Fintry" and added the paddlewheel, to reflect the traditional paddlewheelers who would call into more than 25 landing sites along the shores of 80 mile long Okanagan Lake.

"2017 will be big year", says Schwab, "Canada's 150th Anniversary and the Fintry's 70th." In addition to the $10 daily cruise sailings, there will be three special event cruises, a "Maiden Voyage" on the Victoria Day Weekend, a July 1st - Canada Day Celebration and on September 1st, the "Fintry's Birthday". "Everyone remembers where they were on Y2K," says Schwab" these events will be special !"

$10 Cruises for 2017 and special events tickets can be purchase on the Fintry Queen's web site at www.fintryqueen.ca and on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. "If we do not reach our objective and if the ship is not sailing in 2017, we will refund all the tickets purchased" promises Schwab.

Fintry Queen - pic 04Historically over 30,000 passengers toured the lake each summer aboard the "Queen" when it was moored in downtown Kelowna's Kerry Park. "10,000 tickets may seem like a big number", says Schwab, "but where else can you get an hour and a half cruise for $10. That's 5000 couples paying just $20, or 2500 families of 4 for just $40."

Being on Okanagan Lake seems to mark a special time and place in many people's lives. The Fintry Queen has been a favorite location for many memorable weddings, banquets and special events for decades.

Re-starting the ship will create up to 60 full and part-time jobs, from Captains and Deck Hands to Food Service Staff. Volunteers are welcome to get involved with the renovations or spread the word about the ticket sales. "We'll be active on social media to connect with future staff, groups or anyone interested." said Schwab. "We anticipate a lot of support from local businesses, to come on board with their staff or develop new opportunities, based on thousands of families and tourists travelling aboard the Fintry Queen."

Fintry Queen - pic 02

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